August 28, 2005

If You're Taking The Kid To Burning Man...

Here are some useful links and resources:

  • Kid's not here yet? Check the Pregnant on the Playa section of the Survival Guide. The top three points, though, are dehydration, dehydration, and dehydration. Then heat. As always before going to spend a week in the middle of the desert, check with your OB.

  • Everything in The Black Rock City Survival Guide "applies double for kids."

  • Check out the special survival tips for Kids at Burning Man: "Advise them to be cautious about getting too close to aggressive art, destructive robots, and moving vehicles. A little bit of care can go a long way in a chaotic environment."

  • It's not clear if the Kiddie Korral theme camp run by the dome people that was so popular last year will be there again. So far, no obviously kid-centric theme camps have registered. [What IS clear is that even anarcho-utopian societies still revert to Kreative misspellings.]

  • The official KidsVille this year is located at 5:30 and Ego on the new Black Rock City Plan. [KidsVille? For some reason, Burning Man just got slightly lamer for me, while that giant playspace on the Upper East Side just got infinitely cooler and edgier.]

  • Burning Kids is the network of families who organizes KidsVille. [Dr. Mom's FAQ: "DO NOT PUT THE BABY ON YOUR BACK PACK and go for a hike. Would you put them on the hood of your car to go for a drive? Shade Rules."]

  • So far no Burning Man Onesies [it DOES seem to miss the point of the whole thing]. Why not make your own?

  • Kid's in San Francisco schools? He was bound to learn about The Man's never-ending battle with The Burning Man sometime. What're you complaining about, now you've got the whole day to yourself.


"KidsVille" is a surprisingly bourgie name for the kids' section of Burning Man. You'd think they'd come up with something a little goofier, at least. My name suggestion: Dingo Diner.

Burning man is Rainbow Gathering for net-savvy hipsters?

[huh? As with so much that is Burning Man-related, I just don't get it. -ed.]

[huh? As with so much that is Burning Man-related, I just don't get it. -ed.]

Exactly. I admit to being out of the loop on much that is hip and modern (never used Napster/MP3, don't have use for an Ipod, don't own a Bugaboo...), so I wondered if this Burning Man thing is an updated Rainbow Gathering for all you cool people. See for a brief insight to the phenomonon that was Rainbow...

The last link is broken (goes to a MT login page). ???


[thanks. bad pasting on my part. it now points to the story about SF public schools opening 8/29 this year, ahead of Burning Man. -ed.] still works for me. It's just a sample. I googled "Rainbow Gathering".

In the 80s and 90s, I knew a lot o' deadheads who went to "The Gathering". I haven't kept track of them or their doings, so the little bit I gleaned from those Burning Man links immediately reminded me of the gathering. That's all.

[Ah, gotcha. some kind of hippie thing. reminds me of Burning Man ;) -ed.]

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