February 23, 2005

The Birthday Kid

It's the kid's first birthday.

Although there's a party in the works for Spring, when the weather's a little nicer, we've had two pre-party dinners which just happened to include cake with candles.

Last night was my white trash favorite dessert, Jello rainbow poke cake with Cool Whip frosting. Besides tasting good, it crumbles and smears in a very photogenic manner.

Tonight I'm heading to Rotterdam for a (non-dad-related) conference, so posting may be light for the rest of the week. That said, I'm filling every spare moment in that stroller and design heaven with Daddy Types research, so stay tuned. And if you have any must-see product or store suggestions, send 'em on in.


Ohmigosh, Jello rainbow poke cake is THE BEST birthday cake option around (it beats the pants off of every store bought cake imaginable). It is so good to see that regardless of how much you love ridiculous, designer strollers, you still have your priorities straight (ha ha ha ha).
I strongly believe that all the good people in the world were raised with Jello rainbow poke cake at their birthdays (well, maybe not the kids in India, but . .)

No, that's true. If I remember correctly, they were starving and I wasn't finishing my dinner.

Happy Birthday to the youngun'.

congratulations to the birthday kid ( and family )!

Jello rainbow poke cake? Obviously, I was a deprived child. I've never heard of it. Recipe? Photo? Please????

Basically, you poke holes all over a white cakemix cake and pour liquid raspberry Jello all over it. When it sets, you spread Cool Whip on the top.

Looks like this

For Lucas' first birthday we decided on a cake for adults and a cake for him. The theory being that it made little sense to keep sugar and unnatural stuff away from him for a year and then, because he is 12 months old, fill him with all sorts of crap. So we made icing colourant out of ground up berries and did all manner of organic, crunchy granola crap. He played with the cake (or in it rather) and put a bit in his mouth (and all over his face) and then wanted out of his high chair to get back to hugging his cousin and playing with the boxes the toys had come in.

Happy birthday. My father's favorite pictures are of the kids smeared in birthday cake. And there is nothing white trash about Jello and Cool-whip. I bet Martha Stewart would love some right now.

Happy birthday to the kid. And that cake looks awesome.

Another cool variation on the Jello cake is to make the cake in a 9 by 13 pan, poke the holes, and then do a few colors of Jello, starting at one end and changing colors every few inches so you end up with a rainbow effect across the cake. Then frost with Kool Whip.


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