May 30, 2013

Brooklyn Artisanal Cork/Felt Table/Stool: U.M.O. Users & Makers Object


The U.M.O., a kid-sized bench/stool/table object by Fran├žois Chambard, first showed up at Brooklyn Design a couple of years ago, in a cork version.


Some time between now and then, Chambard added a felt-covered option, UMO2, which seems both more and less practical than the cork. It also seems like a lot more work, in that there are structural and material changes involved, not just adding a fuzzy slipcover.

But that's OK, because every UMO is lovingly handcrafted in the Users & Makers atelier in Brooklyn. Embrace the artisanal cork. No idea where it's sold, or for how much. So go ahead and give them a ring.

U.M.O. and U.M.O.2 by UM Project [umproject]

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In the down position these look somewhat canine. Which makes the website's photo next to the fire hydrant a curious choice.

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