April 13, 2011

Today In Kids And Food News

Maybe this should be a Wednesday WTF? I don't know, but I seem to have accumulated a lot of WTF-grade stories about food in my browser tabs:

I am still trying to figure out what actually happened in the Detroit Applebee's, where a 15-mo toddler's cup was somehow refilled with a pitcher of margaritas, not apple juice. Or something. [yahoo news]

UPDATE And now a kid's pounding sangria at Olive Garden? At what point do we realize that the problem is us, America? And by us, I mean you, the fruity cocktail-drinkin' highway chain restaurant-goin' rest of you? Why can't you be more like Dadwagon, and drink all your fiery, nasty liquor straight out of the bottle?

In some kind of healthy eating/anti-obesity kick, a couple of public schools in Chicago are banning lunches brought from home. I will note that yeah, I have seen a kid in kindergarten open up his lunchbox and take out a box of Froot Loops and a bag of Fritos, but for the most part, the homemade lunches I see are like organic feasts. YMMV, but the food industry shill is opposed to it. [chicagotribune via dt reader sara]

On the other hand, maybe this is the right time to finally post the study I found way back in January: Salt, Sugar And Fat Preferred By Preschool Kids" Oh, "And, researchers say, young kids learn quickly what brands deliver the goods." [medicalnewstoday.com]

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