February 8, 2010

Interlocking Stool Cube, This Time By Habitat


Every few years since the invention of lumber, someone invents a pair of interlocking cube stool/chairs for kids. This year, it's the UK design store Habitat, and the twist is, this one's made of molded ply, to give it that little Vedel-esque something.

Some blogs claim these are already listed on Habitat's site, but they don't show up for me. Hypothetically, they're £99.

update: in the comments, R&R says they bought this in 2004, so it's even more not-new than I thought.

Lock Kid's interlocking table & chair [habitat.co.uk via minor details, thanks dt reader nelson]


I don't want to be rude but this is not a brand new invention ;-).. We bought it from Habitat in 2004 :-) It's worth 125 euros... with euro fluctuating these days, I let you make the conversion.

Not rude at all, and the complete non-newness of the design was the only reason I posted it at all. It does make me wonder why the other bloggers thought it was a new release, though.

I had a version of this in the early 80's! They were plastic, one was green and one was an orangey-red! So definitely not a new concept.

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