September 10, 2012

Wee Built This: Weerol Evolving Plaything

Santa Cruz dad Derek Perkins began working on the Weerol a year ago, when his kid was two. The design objectives: a goodlooking, high-quality toy that adapts to a kid's play patterns as he gets older, thus eliminating a parade of quickly outgrown, plastic junk. Which, I think Santa Cruz is banning in 2013 anyway, right?

Anyway. Weerol. Modular molded ply goodness, from $84-219, depending on how many you want, and whether you want the rocker base. Now also available in plain:


Weerol convertible toy by Derek Perkins, Kickstarter campaign ends Sept. 22 [ via dt reader renee and her kickstarter-addicted husband]
Modern Wee Fabrications []

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