December 7, 2008

Let The Flipping Begin! Marc Jacobs Bugaboo On


Will the Marc Jacobs For Bugaboo Bugaboo be one of those collectibles like the original mail-in offer Boba Fett, which only retains its resale value if it stays mint-in-box?

Or will the sheer scarcity of the strollers [fifteen sold worldwide--and they're all gone!] be such that the slow-moving fashionistas who only bothered to open their W Magazine now will goose the price beyond "reason"?

Or will the global economic slump and The New Humility make off-the-shelf Bugaboos the Next Big Thing in Greenwich and Turtle Creek, thus keeping resale prices down?

Will the EUR1500 vs USD1500 transatlantic price gap set off a tiny wave of arbitrage? [Unlikely, since the exchange rate and VAT refund mostly leveled the prices out.]

For the answer to these and other burning questions, tune into Marktplaats, the Dutch eBay affiliate, where the first MJ x Bugaboo has hit the resale market! According to the description, it was purchased in Paris [i.e., Colette], but it's being resold in Amsterdam. It's up to EUR1,800 so far. I don't know how Marktplaats auctions work, if they have a fixed end or just keep going until the seller accepts a price, but I'll keep an eye on it. So bid early, often or not at all, your call!

UPDATE: A stroller just landed on eBay too. Opening bid: $2,500. I emailed, and it's the same seller. Apparently, you can just fish for bids on Marktplaats; it doesn't require you to sell.

And how did she manage to get such a sweet ride in the first place:

Hope it works out with this stroller which I, by the way, bought for a joke because I never expected that it was still available on the colette website. Pressed order and checkout and ooops it was mine..
Those Dutch and their crazy shopping humor.

update: Holy Smokes. It sold for $3,150 plus $90 shipping.

Marc jacobs bugaboo limited Edition!!, listed 4 Dec. 2008 []
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Is it pathetic that I think this is so cool? Probably, but nevertheless - it's cool; thanks for the heads-up! -B

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