November 25, 2008

Baby Gap X Maclaren: Mashup Or Mujun?

Baby Gap X Maclaren mashup?, originally uploaded by daddytypes.

The Japanese word for "contradiction" is mujun, 矛盾. According to Chinese legend, its characters refer to a merchant who claims to have both a halberd that can pierce anything and an impenetrable shield.

This notion of a sheer impossibility that goes beyond mere "contradiction" crystallized for me when I saw what might be the world's most unexclusive exclusives: special Baby Gap editions of the Maclaren Quest stroller.

I realized the strollers must be part of the Baby Gap Home offering. Sure enough, there were a couple of boardbooks on a shelf somewhere, too. And a little table & chair set, but that's a store fixture. Frankly, the strollers looked like any number of rigs abandoned by rack-flipping shoppers. Since there was no price tag on these floor models, you'd have to ask a sales associate for even the most basic information. Good luck with that.

Maclaren™ Quest stroller with "BabyGap exclusive prints", $249 [, thanks bob for the followthrough]


where to buy the pink one? uzreal stroller, cannot find anywhere to buy, sad for that :(

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