March 19, 2008

House For Sale. Giant, Foam Blocks House For Sale


With a name like Studio Papas, I think I'd love whatever Koen Crommentuijn and Marjan Verboeket put out. The fact that it's House for Sale, or Speelhuis, a set of twelve, giant cold-foam blocks shaped like classic wooden blocks is just a bonus. If only they weren't green. And if only they existed in real life, not just as computer renderings.

Or maybe it's just a name designed to appeal to designy dadbloggers. Studio Papas turns out to be just one of several Crommentuijn/Verboeket joints. There's also Bont, a studio which made a slightly overwrought, slot-together ride-on horse.


And Brabants-Bont, another studio which created another unwieldy block project: an armchair out of paving stones in 2005.


Studio PAPAS [ via minor details]


Love the blocks - even the green color. Of course, I'm sure the price will be something like 8,000 Euros or so, not including shipping (assuming these things ever get manufactured).

Actually, I read "Studio Papas" as a reference to the nursery rhyme my daughter learned when she was the only little Anglo girl at the day care center in the Hispanic part of Dallas:

Papas y papas para papá,
papas y papas para mamá.
las quemaditas para papá
las calientitas para mamá.

In that context, "papas" means "potatoes", I think.

[that's funny, it sounds like they switched it. last year someone wrote about a children's book that has mama getting all the burned tortillas, while papa gets the good ones. Me, whenever I hear Studio Papas, all I hear is Studio Papas, the Philippine prisoner version, of course -ed.]

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