June 3, 2007

Rockin' Blocks Graffiti Alphabet Blocks By Beebles


I can't believe no one's bought a set of these sweet-looking graffiti alphabet blocks yet, even though they've been on etsy for a couple of months now. It says right there, they're "not just for the hipster baby mind you," so even if you think your baby isn't a hipster, what's holding you back?

There are three different lettering styles--one has two color options--plus a skull & bones version that I'm not really feeling right now. The description says the letters are printed on, then glazed. I guess before I bought a set for my teething kid, I'd want a little more detailed information than that, but otherwise, these things look like a no-brainer.

Rockin' Blocks Graffiti Blocks by Beebles, $30



These blocks are pretty cool, better ones on the website.

I meant the rockin' blocks website not etsy, they are $40 not $30 though.


cool man3t

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