May 30, 2007

WonderWood, WonderWood, We're On Our Way


If your summer travel plans take you to Amsterdam, you may want to schedule a trip to WonderWood, a veritable temple to plywood and wooden modernist design. The incredible, little, 1950's children's bucket chair made of molded ply with a built-in play tray may be too big to bring home, though--also, it's sold. And while the Kristian Vedel chair's more portable, it's got a wonderfully storied patina [i.e., it's pretty hammered].


But this awesome wood bead Ferris Wheel seems to be available and in great shape. And the gallery says they keep a pretty nice supply of vintage wooden toys on hand in case it's not.

Between WonderWood and Switzer All Canvas Products, I think I could reach my duty-free exemption before lunch.

[ via reference library]

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Still can't get that WonderPets song out of your head, eh? What's it been? Over a month now? My sincerest condolences!

[three months, actually, thanks to you. I've finally decided to stop fighting it and just work it into my schtick. -ed.]

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