April 17, 2006

Anyone Walking Down Prinsengracht In Amsterdam?

Who can tell me the name of that tiny workshop/store on the south side of Prinsengracht, located at about 7:30-8 o'clock, I think, which makes those awesome Swiss canvas bags? I think it's called something like "Swiss Canvas Bags."

Anyway, they're even plainer and more rugged than LL Bean canvas tote bags, and while I didn't remember them having any diaper bags, it seemed like they had a lot of potential.



Note: it's in the rectangular area somewhere, I think; the star is Frozen Fountain, which is at Prinsengracht 629.

udpate from k: It's called Switzer All Canvas Products. They're at Prinsengracht 158. Good stuff. Thanks.


you're not talking about Freitags are you? I've been using a Freitag DJ bag for my diaper bag for over a year, and it has been great.

[nope, these things have (or had, 1.5 yrs ago) exactly two online mentions. It's canvas like canvas, not like the rubberized Freitag versions. Freitag WOULD/DOES make a cool diaper bag, though. Nice call. -ed.]

This is also not the one you're thinking of, but Utility Canvas makes some nice basic bags. Better than that Picklebottom shit, anyway.

ok, i just biked by and its actually a bit further up the gracht at number 158. on the window it says: v/h SWITZER all canvas products and their number is 020 638 65 56 - consider me your scout :)

[wow, can't believe it was that far up. thank you. I love the internet. -ed.]

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