April 22, 2007

MakeAOnesie.com To Soon MakeAOnesieLawyerAngry.com

notaonesie.jpgIf you'd like to pay an extra $3 to use their image upload interface to create a CafePress infant bodysuit you could make at Cafepress.com for $9.99, then hop on over to MakeAOnesie.com.

But you'd better hurry before Gerber's lawyers hear about it. Onesie® is a trademark of Gerber Childrenswear, Inc., a company with a history of vigorously defending their brand assets, pursuing even the most insignificant blogs and demanding they stop "misusing" the term Onesie®.

CafePress's infant clothes are not Gerber, so technically, they're not Onesies®.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a trademark-violation-proof way to print free money three dollars at a time with a jpg generator script, MakeACreeper.com and MakeAOnesie-StyleInfantBodySuit.com are still available as of this posting.

MakeAOnesie.com, $12.99!
Custom Infant Bodysuit, $9.99 [cafepress.com]


C'eci nes pas un onesie

Does this remind anyone else of the old Fugazi t-shirts ("This is not a Fugazi T-Shirt", from the line, "Song #1 is not a fuck you song")?

If only there were a way to Xerox one of these shirts. Or maybe onto a Kleenex.

Crud. I'm too tired to think of more copyright violations...

[just google around for some more ideas. -ed.]

The generic term I've heard is "singlet," which I kind of like...

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