April 5, 2006

First Of All, It's Pink: Quinny Zapp vs. Maclaren Quest

front view
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In a continuation of yesterday's flickr side-by-side photoset fun, here is a collection of Mr. Vasquez's real world comparisons of the surfboard-tastic Quinny Zapp and the Maclaren Quest, who you may recognize from such parking spots as, oh, every bar in Park Slope.

Mr. Vasquez has less to say about these strollers, which he apparently plans on keeping--no deathmatch here, sorry:
...about a year ago we bought a McClaren to go to Disney, but decided a
few months ago that a Quinny Zapp would be good for the two year old now
that reclining is not required.
I point out without judgment that Mr Vasquez is now known to have at least four strollers, and at least two of them are somewhat pink. Caveat emptor.

Quinny Zapp vs Maclaren Quest photoset [flickr]
Babycare.nl can probably hook you up with a Zapp... [babycare.nl]
While 2006 Maclaren Quest Sport
is $199 at babystyle [babystyle]


Something wrong with having 4 strollers?

Also...the pinker the better!

I recently got a Maclaren Quest and love it. Folds easily, is small, light, lovely to push and the handle height is great for me at only 5ft tall, the handles on the Techno Classic were too high and fairly uncomfortable to hold as they are plastic, the handles on the Quest are foam and much better. It's definitely a keeper.

I am still very much drawn towards the zapps though, for the coolness factor, and how small it folds. The no recline would have worried me, and I don't think I'd have been happy putting my daughter in the zapp before she was 14 months (the seat looks fairly big and I've seen smaller babies slumped down in them because the harness was too big). But now she is 18 months I would consider getting one...

...course, the pinkness does it too :)

The pink is alarming. Heh. I want one now. Of course, all of the Zapps are red here. If you don't mind having such a common colour, TJs happily ships to the US for a fraction of the price of babycare (what with being right over the border and all)

It's a little cheaper too, as $199 CDN is considerably less than 179 euros
(And no, I don't work for TJs, it just happens to be the easiest place for me to mail order from)

{ah, Canada, is there anything you CAN'T provide us at irresistibly low prices? Besides beef and softwood lumber, of course. heh heh. -ed.]

Keep in mind getting yours from Canada will leave you without the Cabrio adapters if you wished to have this option. Is also part of the price difference 15-20euros plus shipping on average may be able to get them to throw them in the same box as the Cabrio when shipped from europe. Which in the long run may save you some dough as the Zapp is the heaviest part...

[always thinking. the 15 pounds we paid to have our adapters shipped separately was just one more blip when we were spending $$ left and right getting ready for the kid, but it bugged. Hey, look! It still does! -ed.]

Why would you post the link for babycare when you just told us about the baby dealz site on Monday?

I've been wanting a Zapp - but not enough to pay for the shipping (or buy it sight unseen) but I played around with one on Sunday, saw your link on Monday and broke down and ordered one. (Tell your advertisers!) With the free shipping - I expected to be waiting a week or two - but it arrived yesterday. So far, we've only taken it out twice - but I'm LOVING it. So much better than the Techno XT we've been using for the past 2 years.

[first, congratulations on scoring the rig. Second, I updated the post to reflect people's comments and concerns about baby dealz, but also to solicit 1st hand experience, which you just gave. If people are wary of an online retailer with some--but not all, obviously--negative reviews, they can shell out some more euros and order from a place that has gotten consistently great feedback. BUT that is also more expensive. I don't make any money on these deals either way, and even when I do, I'm still more likely to put links to extremely convenient Amazon (4% commission) than to more edited selection w/ Babystyle (10%) -ed.]

Hey there. I have a very tall little girl. She just turned 3 and is already 40 inches tall. I need to know if the Zapp would accomodate a tall child that is all legs? Even the pediatrician has mentioned how her torso is super short and the bulk of her height is in the leg region. We already have the Quinny Buzz for our younger baby (5 mos) but the Zapp looks to be lower to the ground in the seating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The wife wants a Maclaren Volo but I can't bear the thought of pushing another Maclaren here in California where all you see are Bugaboos and Maclarens.

Just an FYI that the Zapp arrived tonight and it's much larger than expected. The fold is phenomenally small yet my kid fits in it very comfortably. She's 40" tall and her feet drag in the Maclaren, Bugaboo, Inglesina and Combi's. But in the Zapp she actually fits. Seems very sturdy and weighs more than it looks. The bag is great.

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