September 22, 2005

Missed The Target: Philippe Starck Potty Training Set on Ebay

starck_potty.JPGBefore Philippe Starck started designing baby gear, strollers, and stuff for Maclaren, he started--and stopped--designing a bunch of baby-related products for First Years Co. which were sold at Target. They didn't do so well; the design equivalent of missing the bowl, if you will.

Among these items: a 3-piece potty training set that includes a crescent-shaped potty, a seat, and a step stool/storage bin. There's one for sale on ebay right now, set to end in a couple of days. So far, there aren't any bids at $19.72.

Philippe Starck First Year Potty Training Set
[ebay via designobserver]
Search ebay for other Starck baby stuff [there's a diaper bag and a bottle right now, for example]

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target starck stuff was very nice, we lucked into a starck ride on toy at a second hand baby store. pictured here:

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