June 25, 2016

c.1980s Kid-Sized Ferrari F500 At Artcurial Le Mans


As kid-sized Ferraris go, this F500 is one of the most advanced I've seen. With molded steel frame over a tubular chassis, leather interior, a rear-mounted 50cc Motobecane engine, and Mille Miglia livery, it's gorgeous, even.

But before I send my kid out zipping around the grounds at 50 km/h, I'd add a safety harness. Or is getting thrown clear still the preferred method of survival in these low-slung roadsters?

9 Jul 2016, Lot 90: FERRARI MONOPLACE TYPE F500 JUNIOR - Fabrication circa 1980, est 6 000 € / 9 000 € [auction.fr/artcurial via dt kiddie car guru dt]

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