January 1, 2016

Mid-Century Kids Sofa & Table By Sim Bruce Richards


Sim Bruce Richards was a San Diego modern architect who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, and who designed this sweet kid-sized sofa and table, probably in the fifties? The table has a "milk-retaining edge," but given the unmarred finish, it probably had some kid-sized coasters, too.

Richards' furniture and other designs are featured in Frank Lloyd Wright's Legacy in San Diego: the Taliesin Architects, an exhibition at the La Jolla Historical Society organized by Keith York of Modern San Diego, that runs through Jan. 17. Another of those architects, btw, was John Lloyd Wright, FLW's son, and the inventor of Lincoln Logs.

All this information, this picture, and much, much more, comes from esoteric survey, which is a consistently remarkable blog about mid-century design topics I somehow never heard of in twenty-plus years.

Taliesin San Diego [esoteric survey]

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