November 8, 2015

Bonkers Auction Action On 20 Mini-Ferraris


It's not very #servicey, but I just could not bring myself or my blog to be a party to the auction madness that was unfurling yesterday in Lyon, France. Twenty, that's right, TWENTY mini-Ferraris of all sorts, vintages, and price points, went up for sale at Aguttes. It was, how you say? FOU, FOU, COMPLETEMENT FOU.

There were unrestored F1 pedal cars from the 1950s alongside seemingly random 80s Fisher Price junk. (Though that junk is probably rare now, if not actually valuable.)


There were Testa Rossa projects, FAO Schwarz-lookin' indulgences, and daunting P330 with motors that cost as much as a Camry. Really, though, it was just too much at once, clearly the dissolution of some baffling obsessive's collection which, I just cannot see a happy ending in this. Unless, of course, you scored a deal on that insane F50. Send pics!

Lots 224-244: 20 Mini Ferraris, EUR 80 - 5,000, Nov. 7, 2015 [ via dt ferrari guru dt]
Oh WAIT, there was a Baby Bugatti too? [aguttes]

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