January 8, 2015

M-I-C Caught Measles At Disneyland! K-E-Y Why? Because We Weren't Vaccinated!

mickey_randar.gif"You've got the measles! What're you going to do next?"
"I'm going to Disneyland!" From NBC 4:

Disneyland officials issued a health warning for the tens of thousands who visited the theme park during the holidays. A theme park visitor is linked to at least 7 confirmed cases of the measles.
Make that eight, no nine, maybe twelve. Of the nine confirmed measles cases, eight were not vaccinated. Two were too young to be vaccinated yet, which means they are probably under a year old.

This is how vaccines work: they keep people who get them from getting sick, and they also keep people who are not able to get vaccinated from getting sick by decreasing their chances of running into sick people.

Disneyland, California Adventure Linked to Nine Measles Cases [thr]
9 Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland [nbclosangeles]
image: randar.com

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