December 4, 2014

Andrew Sullivan Is Skeptical Of This CDC Circumcision Recommendation

The CDC recently released a recommendation that circumcision leads to lower HIV infection rates in men.

Noted man and intactivist Andrew Sullivan is not having it--the rationale, that is, not circumcision, though I assume he is also not having that--and he finds several nontrivial concerns with the basis for the CDC's announcement.

Though it regularly pains me to agree with him, usually for strident stylistic reasons, I find Sullivan's arguments here persuasive, or at least worth considering. If I were charged with deciding fate of some other man's foreskin, Sullivan's critique would diminish the potency of the government's recommendation for me.

Wherever you stand on the issue, though, the official Daddy Types position on whether to circumcise your kid remains the same: ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT IT FIRST, THEN MAYBE WAIT AND LET THE KID DECIDE.

The CDC vs Penises [andrewsullivan]

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