November 28, 2014

The Blackest Friday


"Deal is 58% Claimed". [amazon via kottke]

Friends don't let friends buy Amazon Black Friday deals. For themselves. But they might buy them for their friends' baby showers. Or for their brothers who just had a kid. Just sayin'.

Three Minutes Later Update: "Deal is 62% Claimed".

An Hour Later Update: The pace has slowed a bit, but "Deal is 75% Claimed". #knowfear

And Four Hours And 35 Minutes Later Update It is done. "Deal is 100% Claimed".

Morning After Update: OK, it's time for a reckoning. You who bought the iPotty for $9.99 yesterday, please show yourselves. Who are you? What was your thinking there? Will you fill the bowl with ice and use it as an iPad stand with built-in cooler? Think of the children; we need to know.

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