September 5, 2014

The Daddy Types Friday Funk: Leave In Car Edition

You know, it's like a freakout in that it will still ruin your weekend, but the new DT Friday Funk is just too depressing to freak out over.

And it's the guy who left his kid in the back seat of the car all day, and he died. But it's not the guy who did it accidentally; it's the other one, the one who got arrested, and who apparently had been trying to get kid-free, and had been sexting randos, and had gone back out to his car earlier in the day, and didn't tell police about that trip, which was caught on surveillance, the one who is now charged with murdering his 22-month-old son by leaving him strapped in the car all day.

Father Charged With Murder in Death of Boy in Hot Car [nyt]

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