June 25, 2014

Oh Those Seats Are INCLUDED: Swingline Kids Table By Henry Glass


You may remember Henry Glass's Swingline children's furniture collection from such posts as holy smokes, 2006, has it been that long? This stuff just does not turn up much, does it?

In the early 1950s, industrial designer Glass created a series of kids furniture around the themes: bright colors, Masonite, and stuck-on-poles. And this table and four stools fits the bill perfectly.

It has emerged out of some midwestern rumpus room and into the bright lights of Wright20's July 12th online design auction, with a couple of rough edges and an even rougher estimate. Good luck, kids!

Lot 163, Henry Glass, Swingline child's table & stools, est. $2-3,000 [wright20]
Previously:Mid-Century Swingline Group Kids Furniture by Henry Glass

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