May 9, 2014

Goodnight Nanny-Cam Amuses Some


Every generation of parents gets the Goodnight Moon parody they deserve.

The beleaguered progressives of the iPhone era got Goodnight Bush.

The HOPE & CHANGE generation having kids in the post-Lehman/TARP/subprime recession got, what else, Goodnight iPad.

And now the Sideswiped-by-Snowden Generation gets Goodnight Nanny-Cam. It was written by Jen Nessel and Lizzy Ratner in late 2012 for the New Yorker's blog, and subsequently expanded into a book with Sara Pinto's illustrations.

As if to prove hyperparenting is basically a multigenerational restaging of Groundhog Day, the parody Goodnight Nanny-Cam most resembles is the 1993 High Yuppie Era's Boom Baby Moon.

This theory is supported by the interview Nessel and Ratner gave to the NY Times Home section. Ratner is a community activist-turned-non-profit PR. Nessel writes for The Nation, yet makes self-deprecatory overparentng jokes like, "Our kids have nothing to lose but their Goldman Sachs bonuses."

So goodnight any chance that one of these will ever make it off the shelf after the baby shower.

Buy Goodnight Nanny-Cam: A Parody for Modern Parents for around $11 [amazon]
A Classic (Again) Ripe for an Update [nyt]
Goodnight Nanny-Cam []

Related weirdness: Supposedly these are 1991 1st edition boardbooks of Goodnight Moon, algorithmically priced at from $400- $1731.32 [amazon]

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