May 9, 2014

DT Friday Freakout: Plagio Helmet Edition

This week it's not a roundup, so much as a carefully curated selection of headlines from the worlds of parenting, politics, health, and safety, designed to focus your freakout and ruin just your weekend, not your every day;

"Helmets Do Little to Help Moderate Infant Skull Flattening, Study Finds," is the NY Times headline.

"Helmets Help A Bit With Moderate Infant Skull Flattening," is what the plagiocephaly helmet industry would like that to be. Also, "Helmet Makers: Please Don't Upset Our Insurance-Fueled Business Model."

Personally, I think plagio helmets are Tron-tastic, and I wish they worked, so I could still be mad with our pediatrician for discouraging and stalling us so we didn't get one with K2. [NYT]

The Sploid headline on this says, "Watch a tornado destroy a children's playground," but it doesn't destroy it at all, just blows a lot of debris around. And now I feel horrible for being disappointed at not seeing a playground destroyed by a tornado. I am a terrible person. Anyway, TRIGGER WARNING. [youtube via dt playground guru rolf]

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