May 7, 2014

Amazing GMC Seat Extension Headrest Puts Kids In The Short Seats


Time was if you wanted to keep your kids in the jump seat of your extended cab pickup, you had to make a cage out of chainlink fencing.

But with the revolutionary Jump Seat Extension Headrest, the 2015 GMC Canyon has finally led us out of those dark, Social Services-alerting days. The Canyon's rear headrests are designed to pup into the front edge of the jump seat, thereby giving you the requisite seat bench area to safely install a child's car seat.

This short seat depth problem is endemic in Japan as well, but there, rather than cages or headrests, all the car seats come with floor braces. I think the Seat Extension Headrest solution is far more elegant.

Watch the world's darkest PR CG simulation here:

2015 GMC Canyon Jump Seat Extension [youtube via autoblog, thanks dt reader david]

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