April 2, 2014

We Can't Even Stretch A Lumina Right Anymore


There are days I really worry about this country of ours. When I wonder what it's gonna be like for my kids, how we'll compete, how we'll even survive.

Like when a tiny Soviet refugee country like Estonia can out-stretch and out-customize a Chevy Lumina, and all we can say is, SCREW YOU RUSSKIES, AT LEAST OUR'S IS BIGGER AND CAN FIT ALL THE DUGGARS AND THEIR GROCERIES!

This is one of those days.


19 Kids and Counting [peopleofwalmart via dt apocalypse correspondent @jjdaddyo]
Previously, depressingly: Luminawesome: Chevy Lumina Stretch Luminasine


Oops. This makes me a little bit sick because I'm the guy who likes the Lumina. It's pretty amazing that the people who had the "vision" and skill to pull this off would settle for the awkward midsection with a square window and not bother to do away with the rear light clusters from the front donor car. Also, it appears that the rear half is a Lumina just like the front. If that's the case, why does it seem to get bigger and taller in the back? Either it's a different donor car in the back or they've got something "special" going on back there.

This looks like a photo of the other side. Very strange how the back half looks taller than the front half.


This looks like a photo of the other side:


And this may be the same van before a paintjob?


Unless there's another one out there with a similarly over-tall rear-end?

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