March 28, 2014

After Effects Animators' Kids Have The NICEST YouTube Videos

DreamWorks animator Daniel Hashimoto started adding CG effects to little videos of his son James playing. He posts them to YouTube as Action Movie Kid. They are pretty awesome, and are getting a lot of media attention starting yesterday or so. They will probably end up on Ellen before you finish reading this. Mike Walsh of the NY Daily News seems to have broken the story/surprised Hashimoto with his call about his channel, which, come on, was basically waiting to be discovered.

It's interesting to see where the videos started out, a month ago:

Hashimoto began with five videos, all uploaded on Feb. 18. One layered The Matrix on top of the room where James stood transfixed by the television. Then there was a fireworks malfunction at Disneyland, which, while hilarious, would probably get him fired from Pixar. The others follow the winning formula of toys seeming to blow things up.

Which I'm not really a fan of, at least at that age, so we have no guns, and have held off on the blow-things-up movies. Which is why my favorite has to be The Floor Is Lava, which is real and awesome. But it's all viral from here, with the light saber and grappling gun racing away from the rest. Have fun kids, cash in while you can!

See Action Movie Kid's videos on YouTube [youtube]
Action Movie Kid: DreamWorks animator turns his son into superhero [nydn]
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