January 10, 2014

Organic Milk A Capitalist Tool

Did you ever wonder why organic milk had such longer shelf life than inorganic milk? Did you think it was because it was organic? Yeah, well, it turns out it's because it's ultrapasteurized instead of regularpasturized. And so it is dead and a toxic poison, because such milk can obviously have no nutritional or health value at all anymore, and certainly not any more than the regular inorganic milk that costs half as much.

I mean, just look at Europe, where all their milk is in boxes on the shelf, not even in the fridge. See how that population has driven itself to extinction.

Long story short, I don't know what this healthy home economist rant is really about. I don't have any connections to the Amish raw milk underground. The only question our pediatrician ever asks is if we've switched to 2%. And I can't deny that I just feel better about myself as a person and a parent buying the more expensive product.

Organic Milk: Healthfood Trojan Horse [thehealthyhomeeconomist.com via @khoivinh]
Oh, look, a NYT article from 2005 with all the same issues and concerns, but a different conclusion [nyt]


We switched to whole milk back when the Schmoo was a toddler. I'm NEVER switching back!!!!!

Hi there, just to straighten out what it's like in Europe (or at least Germany): organic milk would in German market speak translate to "Bio"milk as opposed to "regular" milk. BOTH come as pasteurized, UHT and since about 3-4 years in a variety called ESL which is some kind of mix inbetween (supposedly more on the pasteurized side). And then there's a small number of "Vorzugsmilch", which is the non-pasteurized version, not suitable for small children.

Customers buying organic milk tend to buy the pasteurized version, though that variety gets replaced more and more by ESL milk. Regular milk is mostly ESL by now (discounters all have switched to ESL instead of pasteurized only, with UHT regular milk being their bigger stacks, both in milk and dairy products).

So: you can get all three varieties of temperature treatments with milk from organic farming, though my personal opinion would be that UHT milk has a pretty small market share in organic milk. For sure your typical Bio milk is not UHT.

Thanks, Ray, glad to hear that Europe has not gone extinct from UHT pasteurization.

I edited out the duplicated text from your comment. Let me know if it sounds wrong now.

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