December 16, 2013

KKKute Overload

I was going to be shocked that this was 1992, but then I remembered 1992 was also the year of KKK leader David Duke's successful political career, and a most epically bigoted and homophobic Republican Convention in Houston. I sure am glad that we've got all that worked out and behind us, right, America?

UPDATE In the comments, DT links to the story of the photo, and how it circulated over the years. tl;dr: the Southern Poverty Law Center licensed the image several years ago for a brochure, which has helped keep it in the public eye. The trooper in the picture has been identified. The kid, so far, has not. His name might be Josh, from Winder, GA, and he'd be around 23-4yo today.

1 Comment

One should track down that kid. Much discussion on the photo has ensued, including

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