December 12, 2013

Works Every Time!


I am unironically in favor of naming kids with numbers, and with brand names, if that's your thing. So to the Stratemeyers of Tillamook, I say congratulations and bravo, and I pop a can in your newest family member's honor.

Birth Announcement of the Day: Colt .45 Stratemeyer joins older brother Hunter, 3 [jimromenesko via dt crack shot dt]
Previously, related: that 3yo named Hunter who got hassled for signing his own name at preschool


Nice to have a period in your name too.
Also, are there 5 grandparents? And none of them are Stratemeyers?

That article exposes every password hint Colt will ever have.

Hey Greg,
Long time, eh? Dad business has kept me busy lo these last few years.
I have a question totally unrelated to this post.
Do you know if Argington has gone belly up? We've gotten a number of items from them over the years and as a result are quite familiar with their customer "service". Last February our son managed to break the ladder for his Uffizi bed. I had to order a replacement (which was an exercise in frustration in itself.) It was supposed to be in may 15 but never arrived. I finally got hold of Andrew in July and was informed the ladder wouldn't be in till mid-November. Ahh well. When that rolled around I didn't hear anything and sent off some emails to Andrew with no response. I tried to call their business number and discovered it was no longer in service.
I suspect they've gone under but can't confirm it. I was hoping you might have some info re their status (you've always had good intel.)

If you get some info can you do a post or drop me an email.

It's disappointing because we love their stuff despite service that ranks as some if the worst I've ever encountered.

Thanks, Greg

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