December 11, 2013

Vladimir Nabarkevious

So yes, Louisiana State defensive end Barkevious Mingo. How'd that happen?

Barkevious has a similar beginning to Reese's peanut butter cups. His father, Hugh Mingo, named two of Mingo's older brothers Hugh and Hughtavious. After that, his mother, Barbara Johnson, stepped in and combined the first three letters of her name with a name she liked -- Kevious.

"She didn't want any more of that," he said. "She wanted her name in there."

And there you have it! Except for not explaining where the name Kevious came from. Maybe a portmanteau of Kevin & Devious? Clearly, with Hughtavious already in the house, maybe it was just obvious.

As NOLA reports, Barkevious, who goes by Keke, was named Lord and Master for 2009 by Name Of The Year, a blog which runs annual brackets for, obviously, NOTY. Except when they don't, like last year, apparently.

But a new generation of namegamers stepped up to run the 2013 Name Of The Year Tournament. So congratulations to Leo Moses Spornstarr, who beat out Pornsak Pongthong in tight voting to become the Barkevious Mingo of his generation.

LSU Tigers defensive end Barkevious Mingo relishes new role [ via the equally illustriously named David Traver Adolphus]

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