December 10, 2013

You're Wrong, Person On Cheeses

I don't know how New York Magazine gets their numbers, but they are wrong about how many kids are named Cheese.

The Babycenter survey data they show is only for boys. And on BabyCenter's own site, there have been eight boys named Cheese this year, out of 1,000,000 births surveyed. Plus two last year, and three in 2011.

But Cheese is not only a boy's name. there were also three girls named Cheese in 2010. And four girl Cheeses in 2006.

And BabyCenter's name list includes Cheeser, but there seems to be none. So how did it get there?

There are also a small but steady stream of kids named Peeper, Peepers, and yes, PeePee. At least three PeePees were born last year, after a nearly 10-year absence. And there are literally hundreds of kids named Kale. How does any of this happen? Who really knows? With 4 million babies a year, you're bound to get just about every possible explanation.

The point is, I really just wanted to make this headline happen.

Baby Name Finder | BabyCenter | Cheese [babycenter]

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And I want you to know that Cleveland outside linebacker Barkevious Mingo has an older brother Hughtavious. Look that up in your database and smoke it.

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