October 17, 2013

Portrait Of The [Pregnant] Artist By Jennifer Rubell


Frieze Week is always good for a blog post or two.

So mazeltov this year to noted Miami food- and gala-artist Jennifer Rubell, whose Portrait of the Artist, a monumental fiberglass-on-steel sculpture of her eight-months-pregnant self, complete with enterable womb, is on view at Stephen Friedman Gallery's booth.

As she said in a press release, ""I will nurture you, I will sacrifice all for you, I will do everything in my power on this Earth to give you whatever it is you are looking for. I will love you, whoever you are, whenever you come, whatever you think of me, forever."

Which I'm sure goes double for the couple who have wedged their way into the uterus, Mera and Don Rubell, noted Miami collectors who are also the artist's parents.

Womb with a view [theartnewspaper.com]
Jennifer Ruell at Frieze London [stephenfriedman.com]
Jennifer Rubell: Two Legacies, Now Home To Roost [nyt]

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