October 14, 2013

Go Ahead, The Warhol X Bugaboo Canopies Are Fine


When they first announced the Bugaboo fabrics with images licensed from the Warhol Foundation, I basically kept my mouth shut. The fact of the colabo made sense. The availability of separate fabric sets instead of only as full-on strollers made a lot of sense. But the Warhol artwork options--flowers or cars--left me baffled.

Flowers, I know, you can argue it. And though the single-color flowers looked a little off, I figured they were fine. Not optimal, but not a dealbreaker. But it was impossible to mention the flowers without mentioning the cars, which, WHY? It made no sense. At all.


It's odd to actually put it this way, but I feel like I'm one of like a dozen people in the world who have as deep a sense of familiarity with Bugaboo as with Andy Warhol's. And, for that matter, with the Warhol Foundation, which licensed the images.

Which is why the cars were just baffling. They weren't even in the top 50, the top 100 Warhol images I would have imagined using on a stroller.

Obviously, there are many iconic Warhol motifs that would be basically impossible to use. I understand that: Campbell's Soup, Marilyn, Chairman Mao, Elvis.

There are others that, no matter how awesome they'd be, would honestly be too ridiculous: Warhol himself, a giant dollar sign, an electric chair, a car crash, a nose job ad.

But even running through all these options, cars just never came up. And I didn't want to be the whiner at the new Bugaboo party, so I just kept quiet.

Well, never mind. Don't worry, I was too uptight, just get any Warhol Bugaboo canopies you want. I saw two Warhol Cars Bugaboos over the last week, and they really are fine. They're not screaming Warhol from across the street, but they work. They're nice. They're a little subdued compared to the flowers, which you can always see from a block away. They look a little bit like cowhide, if not actual Warhol cows.

I still think the greatest thing would be custom fabric, where the Warhol Foundation lets buyers choose any Warhol image they want to have custom-printed on their Bugaboos. And there are, in fact, another set of Warhol designs coming out very soon. But only two. Those will be considered here on Daddy Types shortly. Until then, though, you can start perambulating in Warholian bliss right now.

After all that, no cars?? Check out the Bugaboo X Warhol fabric sets and complete strollers via Amazon, $149+up [amazon]

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I have been following your blog forever! I just started one for "mommy types" www.strollersandstyle.com, and posted today about the new Warhol stroller collab too, just before reading yours. I love your perspective and almost posted that the car print looks like cow hide, I totally agree. Great post as always!

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