June 17, 2013

New Dads On The Block Bring Home New Kids On The Block


I've had New Dads On The Block's blog open in my browser tabs since, like, the third trimester. Now these two dads Josh & Matt have not only made it to India for the birth of their twins [mazeltov!], they've gotten through the most difficult phase of the international surrogacy process: getting approximately one million forms stamped and approved by the US Consulate and Indian government's bureaucracies.

Anyway, they're home now, back in New York City and/or Wilmington, NC; there's a bit of posting lag now as newborn twins don't really appreciate how much time it takes to maintain a blog.

But anyone in need of highly detailed, step-by-step accounts of navigating international surrogacy in general, and India in particular [where surrogacy laws recognize genetic parents, thereby simplifying the infant citizenship process] should dive into NDOTB's archives. I now feel like I could navigate you and your DNA swabs through the US Consulate's compound by Skype if I needed to.

If your interests are more along the lines of watching new dads grapple with the realities of adorable twins, then you can just start following along now.

New Dads On The Block [newdadsontheblock]

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Thanks for the link! We are trying to update the blog this week between feelings... Lots more to say, trust me.

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