June 10, 2013

Booty Maker Joins Orphan Brand Conglomerate

Robert's American Gourmet Food Company, the maker of Pirate's Booty and other Booty snacks, has been acquired by B&G Foods, a New Jersey conglomerate of totally random, orphan consumer brands that have been shed by much larger conglomerates. So this is really a big change for them.

I would go so far as to say that the Booty brand gives Cream of Wheat and Ortega taco shells a run for their money in terms of consumer recognition. Or maybe it's just another niche, like molasses. Anyway, $80 million/year in sales, around a 20% margin, and a 2x multiple, the guy who realized he could sell uptight organic yuppie parents Cheetos if he made them kale-colored will get around $195 million for all his efforts.

B&G Foods to Buy Pirate Brands | Quick Facts [rttnews]
Jan 2013: B&G Foods looking for next orphaned brand to adopt [marketwatch]

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