May 17, 2013

My Other Other Other Other Kiddie Car Is A Ferrari 250 GTO


Alright, Stuart Gurr has so far built seven kid-sized cars for his 6yo daughter Scarlett, including a replica of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a Cobra, a Bentley, two Bugattis, a Mini-and this insane Ferrari 250 GTO.

He makes them all himself, with aluminum bodies and spaceframes, in his restoration and machine shop, when he's not working on Mini superchargers.

But seriously, how this guy is a Mini supercharger expert with a side hobby of building his daughters' fleet, and not the emperor king of all bespoke kiddie cars, is completely beyond my comprehension.

The revolution may be coming, but it's not here yet; and there's still time to outfit the children of the global 0.1% with some hand-hammered mini-Ferraris before it hits.

Scarlett's Garage []
Half-scale 250 GTO latest creation built for daughter of the world's coolest dad [pistonheads via dt reader rolf]

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