April 2, 2013

Baby Gutai

I saw this a couple of weeks ago, then lost it, and not it's found again. Gallerist NY critic Andrew Russeth calls it "Baby Gutai." It's an audience re-staging of Murakami SaburĊ's 1956 Gutai work Passage, where the artist leapt through a series of paper-covered painting stretchers.

It's obviously the playground part of Gutai: Splendid Playground, the Guggenheim's exhibition of the influential Japanese postwar avant-garde art collective's work.

"Baby Gutai" [andrew russeth's vine]
Gutai: Splendid Playground runs through May 8 [guggenheim.org]


That looks like an UppaBaby G-Luxe stroller, not Maclaren.

d'oh, of course. I'm on autopilot. thanks for the correction.

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