March 27, 2013

Calvin & Hobbes Nursery Murals


Finnish redditor Pellari recently got his/her sister to paint the mural for this sweet Calvin & Hobbes nursery, which comes complete with an awesome tree house/slide/toddler bed.

Which, well done, and I can totally understand the appeal of the so-called "Naptime" mural. But this user's right: everyone on Reddit's kids have that same mural. It's the mural of choice for at least six of the nine C&H-themed nurseries on the subreddit.


I like this one, too: a mural done last year by reddit user 4AngrySquirrels, who gets a million upvotes for this:

I was originally going to use glow in the dark paint, especially since when I was a kid I had those plastic glow in the dark stars all over my room. However, since I've become a professional nerd I decided something more had to be done. I am currently working on wiring approximately 150 LEDs installed in the ceiling of the room in the shape of constellations, connected to an Arduino that will light them with random twinkling.
It's only a matter of time before one of these Calvin fans builds a potty shaped like a Chevy logo.

Calvin & Hobbes nursery, complete with a fort for sleeping [reddit via dt reader rolf]
Calvin & Hobbes nursery murals from /r/calvinandhobbes [reddit]

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This is so beyond awesome!!!

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