March 9, 2013

We Don't Need This Transportation: Nick Mason's 2001 E55 AMG Wagon


I, for one, did not know that Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason was a classic car-collecting "petrolhead." But with 117,000 miles and an industrial strength bedliner like this, you can be sure that this RHD E55 AMG Estate he just unloaded was a workhorse, not a trailer queen.


It was recently sold at Brightwells Wednesday in an entertainingly random classic automomobile auction, for a mere £7,200 [which is more like £9,500 after premium and VAT). Which means that whoever bought it has already told at least five friends that Mason used it for hauling drums to gigs around Herefordshire.

Lot 92: Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Estate Owned from new by Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason; superb condition [brightwells via bringatrailer]


Is it ordinary in the UK for a 12 year old wagon to wear the label "classic" or do you need the rock connection to earn it?

Yeah, I condensed the lot description too much; Mason collects actual classic cars AND had a Mercedes AMG wagon. Or had.

Yes, Mason is widely respected for his collection. Anyone who appears on this list can safely be said to be a petrolhead:

And if you would like a video tour:

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