March 4, 2013

The Radiant High Chair


Wow, kudos to architectural historian/mom Victoria Solan for working Le Corbusier into this helluva thinkpiece about of one of the world's greatest high chairs, the Ikea Antilop:

As a formal composition, IKEA's $25 Antilop high chair hews to a Corbusian aesthetic. The chair's lightweight polypropylene mass is comprised of pleasingly simple geometric forms. A compact square seat with a semi-circular backrest rests atop four tubular steel legs, each of which is finished with a not-quite-perfectly-hemispherical foot made of polyethethylene and polypropylene. It is IKEA, after all. But the Antilop does come in pure white, which would please the old master of modernism.
Did you know they have Antilops at the cafe at the Louvre? [Our other high chair, the all-time great Stokke Tripp Trapp, is in MoMA's cafe, fwiw, so we're two-for-two.]

But as an architectural historian, I'm sure Solan knows of the problematics of over-associating modernism with the color/concept white. At the very least, you should feel free to get the Antilop in red or blue without losing your modernist cred.

See Something, Say Something: The IKEA Antilop [ via @kristoncapps]

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modernism is cool but we covered our antilop with skateboard stickers...

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