February 13, 2013

For Sale: Starck Baby Tableware, Never Used


Timpee1, an eBay seller in Wisconsin, has decided now is the time clear out the Philippe Starck + Target baby gear that's been sitting, unused, in the packages, since 2001.


Which, if you're in the market for a baby spoon or dish, is probably exactly how you want it: ungnawed.

At $20 to start, the "crystal" bowls seem kind of pricey, even if you could combine some shipping.

$10 for the Starck bottle warmer, though, that seems cheap. It's the best-looking example of a forgettable product. I mean, they're nowhere near as ridiculous as a baby wipe warmer, but still.

RARE NIP Philippe Starck Crystal Baby Fork and Spoon Exclusively for Target 2001, first bid $9.99+3 s/h, auction ends Feb 17 [ebay]


Good one, Hemingway!

yeah, it's lazy, but I had to take it.

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