December 7, 2011

Philippe Starck For Target Items Nobody Won On eBay


Speaking of vintage Philippe Starck-designed baby gear, I guess the only way I missed this was by never searching for it on eBay.

An auction ended just last night for a nearly complete set of Starck For Target, a series of baby and toddler products the bombastic Frenchman designed for The First Years in 2002. All new- and unopened-in-box. Someone in 2002 apparently hoarded the stuff, in hopes of making bank on eBay someday.

Well, that day was not yesterday, because the single bidder's $95 bid did not meet the seller's reserve price. So maybe it's all still available?

I have to say, the concept of unused spoons, sippy cups, and potties is certainly appealing. And I have to say, I do like Starck's jewel-like, paradigm-changing baby monitor. But I don't think I'd buy this stuff for its collectability unless I had a museum. But it might make a sweet, slightly extravagant baby gift for the Starck-mad breeder in your life.


And for the compleatist who likes his design objects unusable, or in this case, useless, the last piece of the Starck for Target collection, a beautiful bottle warmer, is available separately, for just $39.99, less than half it's 2002 price.

Philippe Starck for Target Baby Collection--Super Rare--New in boxes! auction ended Dec. 6, $95 bid, reserve not met [ebay]
New Starck Designer All-in-One Baby Bottle Warmer by First Years, buy it now $39.99, free shipping [ebay]

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