February 10, 2013

The Sonneberg Toy Museum Has A Scheißeload Of Renate Mueller Stuff


It's no surprise, I guess, that the Spielzeugmuseum Sonneberg, the oldest toy museum in the historic center of the German toy industry, would have a large collection of hometown heroine Renate Müller's designs.


There are remarkably few of Mueller's signature jute therapy animals, and plenty of other interesting/odd things: Andrew posted some of his favorites on AAPC, and me, I like these abstract little Quietschkissen [top] from the late 1970s. At least until I realized that "quietschkissen" means "squeaky pillows," not "quiet pillows," so yeah, really annoying.


Also nice: this puppet set and the hanging puppet theater. Which, if you're looking at this and thinking, "I could make that," I'd encourage you to do it. And send the pictures. DDR homegirl Mueller does rough and simple really well, and now you can, too.

"Renate Müller". 31 Objekte [museum-digital.de via anambitiousprojectcollapsing]
Spielzeugmusem Sonneberg [spielzeugmuseum-sonneberg.de]

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