February 8, 2013

DT Friday Freakout: Teddy Bears Edition

I know I'm missing a bunch, but these reports from the worlds of science, health, parenting, and twitter [uh, three of these things belong together? -ed.] should be enough to freak you out and ruin your weekend. Except for the teddy bears and goldfish, which, aww:


  • Mutsy Evo strollers made between Feb-Nov 2012 have been recalled because kids can slip out and get stuck between the grab bar and the seat edge. No incidents reported. 340 strollers are affected, which, wow, adjust your business plan assumptions accordingly. [cpsc]
  • Good grief, couldn't this wait till after cold season? Triaminic syrup children's medicines have all been recalled because the child-proof lids come off too easily. Theraflu, too. [cpsc]
  • Baby formula juggernaut Nestle has been fined by a Swiss court for infiltrating and spying on a lactivist organization in 2003-4. [grubstreet via dadwagon]
  • Conjugal visits are not granted, so Palestinian prisoners in Israel have smuggled out their sperm, which a fertility clinic in Nablus used to successfully inseminate their wives. There was one mom and four pregnant wives at the press conference. Really, the photo on this one is not to be missed. [aljazeera via, um...]
  • Exercise good TV watching bad for sperm count, reveals flimsy-sounding study survey. sciencedaily, probably via awl]

Ian is a professor, game developer and object-oriented ontologist in Atlanta and, as far asi I know, kid-free:

This one's via @gabrielroth:

via pia:

And here is a guy who made an inflated sling for his disabled goldfish, which I swear I saw via the kid should see this, but maybe it was boingboing after all.


re: Jailed Palestinian sperm collection. Not sure what to make of: "The samples were received in an accurate and sure fashion in the presence of family members of the spouses"

Do women in the Middle East need to have their brothers or husbands accompany them to the OB/GYN?

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