January 18, 2013

New York City In Alpaca Plush, By Oeuf


Don't get the wrong idea: considering that you can't actually buy the plush starchitect condo buildings real estate marketer Richard Pandiscio commissioned back in the day, Oeuf's new Empire State Building and Brooklyn brownstone are probably the sweetest snugglable architecture out there. [It's OK, crocheted Eiffel Tower, don't cry.]


Throw in the taxi and the limo [what, no blackout Sprinter van?], and Oeuf's NYC plushes are all tours de force of the sustainable, fair trade, handcrafted stuffed alpaca toy genre.


But I still think that a New York City kid only needs these after he's got a flock of Pablo the Pigeons poking around the floor. Those things are just about perfect city toys. And so much cleaner than the real thing.


Plush cushions, Oeuf, $68-81 [oeufnyc]
Pablo the Pigeon, $64 ea [oeufnyc]

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