December 19, 2012

Monday In The Studio With Larry

List of TV Shows Mandy Patinkin ACTS In That I Have Not Seen Nor Do I Plan To, Ever
1. Chicago Hope
2. Homeland
3. "Children Will Listen," the finale from Stephen Sondheim's 1988 fairy tale mashup musical Into The Woods, from the hour-long, 1995 special, "Larry King: An Evening With Mandy Patinkin."

Damn you, Natasha Vargas-Cooper!


No love for Mandy? I like him. Anyway, the first two on your list strike me. I remember liking Chicago Hope as a smarter, less melodramatic alternative to ER. I guess this is just what people say now of Homeland vs. 24. Interesting that he's in both.

(Oh, and is Daddytypes under lock-down? This captcha is really tough to crack.)

I don't mind Mandy, I swear. But this performance just seemed weird. And the song--from a Sondheim musical I've frankly never heard of, or realized I'd heard of--was suitably interesting/ominous. But seriously, LARRY KING.

Yeah, I've gotta rework the captcha. It's been generating more heat than light these days. Not sure why.

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