December 3, 2012

Bun In The Easy Bake Oven


An 8th grade girl is running a petition complaining that the girly purpleness of the newly redesigned Easy Bake Oven is discriminatory against her 4-yo brother, which will either make him all girly, or keep him from learning the joy of cooking, and New York Magazine is ON it.

Never mind that the last dozen or so Easy Bake Oven redesigns were also purple or pink, and that they have always been a giant chickfest, packaging and marketing-wise. They're as embarrassingly obsolete as the notion of light bulbs that were so inefficient at producing light, you could bake with them. Oh right.

If you want a kid to learn to cook or bake, give him a set of pans, and just put him to work in the actual kitchen. Start with measuring and dumping. Then move to washing the dishes. Making dad a sandwich.

Eighth Grader Finds Easy Bake Oven Sexist [nymag]
Are you actually going to buy an Easy Bake Oven on Amazon after this? Or just click through and support Daddy Types while you shop? [amazon]


or you could send them to us....we are the exact opposite of the whole easy-bake oven sham. Otherwise, bring them in the kitchen at home - 2 or 3 is the perfect age to begin, but it's never too late. And, by the way, our classes and camps have, on average, more boys than girls since the day we opened 4 years ago.

Sup, Daddy Type.
Great commentary about the Easy Bake Oven. Our 'Lil Miss's oven is in a box collecting dust. Only because the last few times she's baked, it HAS been for real. As for my 'Lil Man, he's already helped to bake cookies, her sister's birthday cake, and a few others. There was no purple until the sprinkles on the top of the cake.
Thanks for the post. Keep it up.


Success, according to NJ newspaper Star Ledger at nj dot com. Today they reported that next year's Easy Bake oven will come in gender-neutral colors.

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