November 5, 2012

Rock On, PlyPlay!

Any week that starts out with a new, handmade, small-batch, molded birch ply kid object is automatically guaranteed to be better than the week before it, hurricane, blackout, or no. So high five to St Louis dad/designer Jon Marten on the launch of his new outfit, PlyPlay Designs.

PlyPlay's flagship product is a two-person, see-saw/rocker inspired by Gloria Caranica's classic Rocking Beauty hobby horse. There's a kid-size Mini Tilt [48" long] and a family-size Big Tilt, which--whoa, 96 inches?!--is huge. As a city guy with no yard, I would vote for the Mini Tilt.

Marten's giving away a Mini Tilt to one lucky person who signs up for the PlyPlay mailing list by November 30th. But for folks who hate suspense and want to beat the holiday rush, you can have yours made to order right away.

PlyPlay Designs [ via jon]


I would love to support this guy's business; but I'll probably just steal his designs and build my own plywood toys.

You built that!

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